ABC International LLC provide Interactive conference room solution for Board room and Townhalls

"Our products are designed to help you connect your people with each other and your business with the outside world."

"When we were thinking about office automation, we realized that only one thing was missing from this mix – the boardroom/conference room. Our experience with different companies showed us that there was a need for an efficient solution for managing meetings and events in the boardroom or conference room",

The organizations that need to conduct professional video conferences with interactive capabilities. An interactive touch screen can make it easier to collaborate and communicate during video conferences by allowing participants to share ideas and information in real-time.

With ABC International's solution, businesses can benefit from professional-grade audio and video equipment that can ensure clear and reliable communication during video conferences. This can help to improve the overall quality of meetings and presentations, which can be especially important for businesses that rely on remote communication to connect with clients or partners.

Additionally, an interactive touch screen can provide a more engaging and interactive experience for participants during video conferences. This can help to keep everyone engaged and focused on the discussion, which can ultimately lead to more productive and successful meetings.

We provide smart conference rooms solution for Board room and townhalls. Our company is known for its best services . we have a big team of experts who work for the customers to provide them the best services. Our motive is just to make our customers happy and satisfy with our services.


Board Room

Board room

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Huddle Room

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Training Room

The meeting room has become a central hub of communication and collaboration, enabling organizations to effectively reach global audiences. The digital age has taken the global business landscape by storm, and modern businesses have gone digital to set themselves apart from their competitors.

The design requirement was to create a smart conference room solution with video conferencing and data projection system that would be cost effective and easy to use. The video conferencing system had to be able to display the presenter's video image on all connected monitors and projectors. The audio was transmitted back to the presenter via the video system, as well as using an independent microphone & speaker system. The control of all functions had to be wireless and located at the chair, including switching between the various inputs, adjusting volume, muting/unmuting individual microphones, starting & stopping presentations and switching between slides.

No matter how important the meeting, or how many people are attending, it's good to be prepared. Our interactive multi-camera studio system is designed to make any room a meeting room, with full high-definition video and audio. Our lighting room sensors and air-cone controllers in the meeting room make sure the room is ready before 15 mints. Interactive 90' inch touch screen to zoom in/ out also support to edit and save the meeting notes, wireless presentation sharing, video/ voice motion tracking system, celling audio speakers

and microphone, one touch panel makes the meeting interactive. The voice-activated camera switching solution that brings the full multi-camera studio experience to meetings, town halls, and classrooms.

There are many types of conference rooms,

Training rooms and huddle rooms available for businesses to use. A conference room is typically a large room that is often furnished with a long table and chairs used for the purpose of holding meetings. It's usually sound proof or at least contains sound-dampening materials to help prevent distractions from other meetings being held at the same time. Typically, it also has a large screen to display slides or notes.

A training room is designed for holding seminars, workshops or training sessions.

A huddle room is typically smaller than a conference room and is not as formal in appearance. It may not be sound proof and may be used for more informal meetings where less formality is needed.

Key Features of our solution.

  • VX voice-activated camera tracking solution
  •  Automate VX software
  • PTZ cameras to automatically cut to whoever is speaking in the room
  • Quiet, Fast Switching Between Presets Up to 256 pan, tilt, and zoom combination presets can be configured. The camera will move to the selected preset point. A quiet, fast motor (120°/s pan speed) sets camera angles quickly
  • Side-by-side dialog mode captures multiple participants in conversation
  • Automatically tracks, frames, and switches between participants using voice and facial detection
  • High quality video supporting resolutions up to 1080p60
  • Celling Mounted Microphone ELIMINATE DISTRACTING SOUNDS
  • Full SIP Conference support
  • Wireless Presentation sharing
  • Room Scheduling and Booking
  • One-Touch Join Meeting
  • Occupancy Room sensors
  • Illuminated indicators outside meeting room
  • Room availability
  • Centralized Audio System
  • Keypads
  •  Table-Top Connectivity solution
  • HDMI Extenders for Video and Audio
  • BYOD solution
  • Audio Noice cancelation
  •  Handled Microphones

Our Conference Room Solution can Collaborate

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Why Choice Us!

There are several reasons why someone might choose ABC International for their professional audio and video conference room solution needs:

  1. Experience: ABC International may have years of experience in providing audio and video solutions for businesses, which can mean they have the knowledge and expertise to deliver high-quality solutions.
  2. Professional-grade equipment: ABC International may use professional-grade audio and video equipment that can ensure clear and reliable communication during video conferences.
  3. Interactive touch screen: ABC International's solution includes an interactive touch screen, which can provide a more engaging and collaborative experience during video conferences.
  4. Customization: ABC International may offer customized solutions based on the specific needs of each client. This can ensure that businesses get the exact solution they need to meet their unique requirements.
  5. Support: ABC International may offer ongoing support and maintenance for their solutions, which can ensure that businesses continue to get the most out of their investment.

Overall, these factors can make ABC International a compelling choice for businesses looking for a professional audio and video conference room solution with an interactive touch screen.