COVA Security Gates

We ABC International Closely work with our COVA Security Partners From our UK manufacturing facility. As one of the leading manufacturers of perimeter security equipment, researching and implementing methods to protect both people and property. One of the most effective tools for this purpose Cova Security Gates, which have been proven to prevent both hostile vehicle attacks and acts of terrorism. Crashes with barricades like these have been shown to be extremely effective not only at stopping vehicles but also at greatly reducing their kinetic energy before they reach their target. By breaking the momentum of any vehicle, you reduce the risk of injury or death from impact

ABC International LLC provides several types of security gates that can be used for a variety of purposes

Vehicle & Pedestrian Control

Crash Tested Products

  • Bio-Folding Tracked Gate-CSG
  • Bio-Folding Trackless -CSG
  • Anti-Vandal Manul Gate-CGS
  • Pedestrian Gate- CSG
  • Bio-fold Overhead Gate-CSG
  • Bio-Folding Trackless Gate-CSG
  • Sliding Cantilevered Gate -CSG
  • Series Boom Barrier-CGS
  • Full Height Turnstiles- CSG
  • All Vehicle & Pedestrian Control-CSG
  • Sliding Cantilevered Gate-CSG
  • Shallow Depth Road Blocker -CSG
  • Surface Bi-Fold Gate-CGS
  • Rising Bollard- CSG
  • Static Bollard Series-CSG
  • Full Depth Road Blocker-CSG
  • Bio-Folding Gates -CSG
  • Miti-Gate Manual Barrier-CGS

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