VC520 Pro2 Kit

AVer solutions are designed to help organizations create consistent hybrid meetings using the Microsoft Teams Rooms platform. With a range of advanced features and technologies, these solutions can greatly improve the productivity of your whole team, regardless of the size of your meeting space.

The VB130 Kit is an intelligently designed solution for small and huddle rooms. It includes a range of advanced features such as SmartFrame, audio fence, and beamforming technology, which deliver high-quality audio and video performance. With SmartFrame, the camera can automatically detect and frame the participants in the room, ensuring that everyone is visible and in focus. Audio fence and beamforming technology help to eliminate background noise and ensure clear audio, even in noisy environments.

For mid-to-large rooms, the VC520 Pro2 Kit is an ideal solution. It includes a secondary compact camera that significantly enhances whiteboard and content sharing quality. This camera can be positioned to capture the presenter’s notes and drawings in real-time, allowing remote participants to follow along easily. The VC520 Pro2 Kit also includes advanced features such as SmartFrame, audio fence, and beamforming technology, ensuring that everyone in the room is clearly visible and audible.

Both the VB130 Kit and VC520 Pro2 Kit are designed to seamlessly integrate with the Microsoft Teams Rooms platform, allowing you to effortlessly bring real-time collaboration into any space. With these solutions, you can create consistent hybrid meetings that are productive, engaging, and effective, regardless of where your team members are located

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AVer offers two different solutions to meet the needs of all meeting room sizes. The VB130 Kit is designed for huddle and small rooms, while the VC520 Pro2 Kit is ideal for mid-to-large rooms. Both solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing technology to connect people across the hybrid workplace and run professional meetings with high-quality audiovisual performance.

One of the key features of AVer solutions is improved Audio fence, which completely blocks unwanted noises outside the viewing area. This ensures that only the voices of participants in the room are picked up, creating a clear and distraction-free meeting experience. The beamforming technology used in AVer solutions is also designed to precisely pick up sounds and deliver exceptional audio quality to every corner of the room. This ensures that all participants can be heard clearly, regardless of where they are located in the room.

With AVer solutions, you can get rid of disturbances at work and enjoy uninterrupted and attentive meetings. These solutions are designed to create a productive and engaging meeting environment, whether you are in the same room or connecting remotely. So, whether you are hosting a small team huddle or a large corporate meeting, AVer has the right solution to meet your needs and deliver exceptional audiovisual performance. Read More