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AVer auto tracking and livestreaming PTZ cameras are advanced cameras designed to make it easy for anyone to capture high-quality content with minimal effort. These cameras use advanced technologies such as facial recognition and motion tracking to automatically adjust the camera’s position and zoom in on the subject as they move around the room. This ensures that the subject is always in focus and perfectly framed, regardless of their position or movement.

One of the key benefits of AVer auto tracking and livestreaming PTZ cameras is their ease of use. These cameras are designed to be simple and intuitive, even for those with no prior experience in videography or live streaming. They come with a range of features and settings that can be easily adjusted using a simple remote or app, allowing users to quickly and easily create professional-quality content.

In addition to their auto tracking capabilities, AVer PTZ cameras also offer a range of other advanced features. These include high-resolution video capture, fast and smooth pan/tilt/zoom functions, multiple preset positions for easy recall of frequently used settings, and advanced image processing technologies that enhance the overall quality of the video.

Overall, AVer auto tracking and livestreaming PTZ cameras are an excellent choice for anyone looking to create high-quality video content with minimal effort. Whether you’re a professional videographer, a content creator, or just someone looking to capture special moments, these cameras offer an impressive range of features and capabilities that can help you achieve your goals

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The PTC320UNV2 AI Auto Tracking PTZ Camera is part of the AVer family of products. Designed with the professional in mind, the PTC320UNV2 features a 21X optical zoom lens and 4K resolution for ultra-clear, crisp image quality. It also offers a host of smart auto-tracking modes, including Presenter Mode, Zone Mode and Hybrid Mode auto tracking, which make it easy to capture engaging video that keeps your audience's attention and delivers professional results. Drawing on AVer's many years of experience in developing professional camera technology and software, this affordable PTZ camera gives you everything you need to produce high-quality video footage at a fraction of the cost of traditional broadcast cameras. Read More