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ABC Resources

ABC Resources helps candidates with the goal of providing an unparalleled employment experience for the faculty and staff who lend their talents to ABC success. Through career development, employee benefits, talent acquisition, employee relations, compensation and tech, employees have resources available at their fingertips to improve their lives – at work and beyond

What Human Resources Specialists Do

Human resources specialists recruit, screen, interview, and place workers. They often handle other human resources work, such as those related to employee relations, compensation and benefits, and training.



Providing outsourced HR Support for small to mid-sized businesses. We offer our support on an Interim or AD HOC basis for all size companies. We are a practical and cost efficient resource.


We provide Human Resource advice by:

  • Solving Human Resource challenges.
  • Conducting HR Compliance Audits focusing on both legal compliance and the important Best Practices that minimize employer liability.
  • Drafting Administrative Policies & Procedures and Employee Manuals.
  • Independent reviews of difficult employee performance situations, including terminations.

Our HR Consulting Team will work WITH you to determine the needs of YOUR business to operate efficiently for long-term success.

We can do ANY LEVEL of service for our clients. Some clients have us do all the steps:

  • Draft an ad that markets our Client and WHY you should work for them.
  • Market the ad on all free sites in the specified area, and any paid sites such as CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, Monster, etc.
  • Collect all resumes via email, in person, or fax so the burden and time consuming job of reviewing these is off the client. Our team has very efficient consultants that review resumes on a daily basis, and are able to pinpoint key qualifications and skill sets that are relevant to make your organization succeed.
  • From all the resumes, initial phone screens will be made to qualified candidates we feel will be the right “fit” for your organization.
  • We are able to then make an assessment on whom to present to the client that leaves them only with the best pre-screened candidates to make their decision easier.
  • We can go on site and assist with interviews with management team, or client management teams have the option to do this themselves.

Create an offer letter and extend offer to candidate. In addition, we can draft a tentative schedule for their start date and coordinate on-boarding.